Why Buy Refurbished

Why Buy Refurbished

The latest survey shows that the term "Refurbished" is more a question than confidence!, the reality is that buying refurbished is a smartest buy when coming down to technology.

What is refurbished?

At Oz Laptops, a refurbished means that the product was returned back to us for a variety of reasons, put through refurbishment process and then went through QA check.

Where do refurbished comes from?

Most of our stock at Oz Laptops came from corporate ex-leased, and some may still under manufacturer warranty.

What is refurbishment process?

Each unit is fully tested, cleaned and went through QA check point by qualified engineer.

Why refurbished not new?

You will get the advantage of buying a corporate model with the highest possible performance in a budget price, as well as saving the Australian environment from extra e-waste.